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Rituals & Boundaries

Rituals & Boundaries what are their meanings? 

According to Marriam Webster, Rituals are an act or series of actions regularly repeated precisely; Boundaries indicate or fix a limit or extent. Two very different words, but they have so many similarities. 

Purpose of a Ritual: 

People engage in rituals to achieve a comprehensive set of desired outcomes, like reducing anxiety, boosting confidence, and alleviating grief that will help with your health and faith. Whether you are spiritual or not, rituals are an everyday practice. 


To help create a clear, consistent expectation of how you would like to be treated—letting people know what is/is not acceptable. It honors your needs and wants so that you feel respected and safe. You will be less angry and resentful because your needs are getting met. Boundaries are the foundation of being happy and having healthy relationships. 

How do Rituals & Boundaries relate? 

You've realized what rituals are, and the same with boundaries and how it reflects on you. It is that both honor your needs of self. It would be best if you had boundaries to set expectations of what you want and rituals to keep it consistent with achieving your higher goal. To be happy and loving/caring of yourself and others around you. Positivity all around! 

How do Evening Rituals Relate? 


No gender relation, nationality, religion, size, age, or status matters, but who you are and how Evening Rituals can ensure you actively participate in caring and loving yourself to your full extent. The creation of Evening Rituals is an immense achievement to ensure you have a place where you can be genuine and authentic; shop for yourself 1st to help create your body center kindness. 

Evening Rituals will help you become more aware of your body and mental and physical needs so that you can strive to feel more confident, happy, and in control of your life! You will set those boundaries, and you will not do routines but rituals each evening till you reach your goals! You can do this! 

More To Come: 

There is a lot more to the Evening Rituals brand! There will be a blog about the store itself, so subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about the brand and the detailed meaning of our name. Stick around the shop as well! 

Have a fantastic evening ♥️

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