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Self Care - Self Love

Ways to Care for You! 

To care for yourself is to recognize in what ways you can: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 


Mentally self-care is about how you think and the thoughts that fill your mind—for example, having a positive view will give you a good feeling and vice versa. That result will provide you with a good influence. Practicing your mental self-care would be finding ways to help you stay mentally healthy. EX: reading a good book, listening to uplifting music, and including your daily affirmations. Mentally, this will help your self-compassion and your self-acceptance.

Physically self-care is taking care of your body to be your absolute healthiest. There is a deep connection between your body and your mind. When you take care of your body, you'll think and feel better too! To practice your physical self-care would be to ensure you get enough rest, partake in some physical activity, stay hydrated, eat healthier, and be kind and loving to your body overall!     

Emotionally self-care is about becoming aware of what you are feeling and identifying how to channel those feelings to benefit your overall wellness. To practice emotional self-care is to be open to your feelings by being mindful, setting boundaries, staying connected to others, and having gratitude. Ask for help before even needing it!


 Spiritually self-care is to nurture your spirit, to find the connection with your higher self. This spiritual connection does not have to be faith or religious related, but it can decide who you are as an individual and what you believe in spiritually. Practicing spiritual self-care is to meditate, spend time in nature, clearing away any clutter, express yourself, and self-reflect. Tap into your spiritual power and spend time connecting with the universe! 

Ways to Love You! 

Self-love is to appreciate oneself and to keep your commitment to self-acceptance by upholding your values and standards. 

Practicing loving yourself would be acknowledging that you don't have to love your reality to love yourself. Love takes time, and love is not perfect. The deeper root of your self-love journey is to begin accepting the fact of your life while also having hope for the future. Your self-talk is critical; if you are more accepting of your reality in non-judgemental terms, you'll be better accepting and moving past things that are out of your control. 

Learning to love yourself more is essential, and remember that being kinder to your body is one small step toward healing. When you praise your body, you can shift away from judgment and acknowledge that you are worthy of love and care. Honoring your body is to pamper yourself by taking a warm bath with essential oils and salts, lighting sweet scented candles, listening to a collection of calming songs, and ultimately setting the mood for your body-centered kindness. 


Self-love has the potential to impact your life in extraordinary ways if you define it as accepting who you are and the commitment to your personal growth. Self-love contributes to the world and is the best foundation for a loving, healthy partnership. It is the best foundation to share your gifts as who you are in the world!

Have a fantastic evening ♥️ 

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